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Link Building for SEO

i-SEO has successfully built many backlink campaigns for top ranked websites. This list is available to potential customers by request. We do not make this list public because Google's manual verification team has the power to manually remove this website from search!

How link building works!

Link building is not something we invented. It was actually Google who started rewarding websites that participated is this practice. We actually think that websites should be graded or ranked based on merit, quality of code, balance of code to text and several other factors that up and coming search engines like Bing are now employing! The philosophy or mentality of link building is very similar as to how credit works. If you are young and you are trying to build credit, probably the fastest, easiest way is to get your parents to co-sign you on a loan. This tells the lender that if they are willing to take this action you must be creditworthy. Link building works the same way. If a mature, well-ranked website gives your website a 'dofollow' link, then we can stipulate that your website is good enough to rank on its own.

Link building service

The philosophy of our links building service is to make links pointing to your website natural. This means over a period of time and in a diverse fashion in order to avoid getting sandboxed or penalized by the now many algorithms in place to detect fictitious link building scheme involving robotic software and others.

As part of our link building strategy, we rely exclusively on our own private network, which consist of over 500 PR1 to PR5 websites that include blogs, social media bookmark and others. As part of our proven strategy, we spread our link building effort over a combination and a natural mix of 90% dofollow and 10% dofollow backlinks, different Class A, B & C IPs.

The objective of any successful link building campaign is to build links over time and to focus on quality over quantity. It is this viewpoint that makes our link building program so successful and valued by our customers.