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On-Page Search Engine Optimization Service

Regardless of anyone's claim, search engine optimization begins with good web design. One of the biggest shockers some customers who contact us get is when we have to tell them that they don't just need search engine optimization they literally have to redesign their website!

Don't think you can build a website with Go Daddy's website builder, WIX, Vista Print, 1-and-1 or any of the hundreds of misleading FREE website design services out there; do a little SEO and that is it, you are on the first page of Google. A successful website starts with good web design. This has to do in part with the fact that almost 90% of the initial on-page SEO is done at this stage.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-Page search engine optimization has to do with coding your website in a way that it is descriptive of the keyword or category you want o be found under. This is done by strategically selecting what words to use as links, naming images with keywords, proper use of Meta tags, keeping in mind keyword weight and many other HTML code and graphic design aspects of web design.

The basics of On-Page SEO

Meta Tags: This is a portion of HTML code that is part of the HEAD element in a web page. There are probably over 100 different tags in use but only a handful is of any value to the SEO efforts.

These are the following:

Title: every single page within your website must have a unique title. This title must be descriptive, about 75 characters long and should point out or identify important items within that page! Google as with many search engine pay little or no attention to interrupter words like "is, at, in, the, near...etc" so is always a good practice to do away with them.

Description: This is portion of snippet most search engine show right underneath the title. In this tag it is important to be descriptive while employing your main and secondary keywords or phrases.

Keywords: Although many modern search engines don't pay any attention to keywords any more experiments have shown that "if not abused or used in excess" they could be a contributing factor to SEO.

Images: If you didn't already know, search engine are unable to read or interpret images. All search engines classify images by their name not by how they look. This means that it is extremely important to label images with keywords like services and products you offer, your brands and business name etc.

Image alternative text (alt text): Although primarily used to allow the blind to surf the web via specialized browser by describing the image in words. Search engine pay a lot of attention to this HTML tag although many inexperience web designers don't!

Headers: In the HTML language paragraph header are labeled with the tag. This tag also has a value ranging from 1 to 6 with 1 being the most important and 6 the least. The text used in your header is something requiring special attention.

These are just some of the most fundamental on-page SEO requirements of a quality website. These are also fundamental steps of good website design. These days, websites have to be more then pretty, they have to be functional and search engine friendly. There is no reason why these basic requirements are in need of attention unless the page focus changes and or you are dealing with a very inexperience web designer.